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Secret British documents reveal Athens’ proposal to send troops in response to declaration of TRNC’s independence in 1983.

According to the document of Foreign and Commonwealth office which was stated to the public on Friday, Spyros Kyprianou, then Greek Cypriot leader said that during a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, Athens made him an offer of military support just hours after the declaration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The secret note, reveals correspondences of Thatcher with Kirianu and Rauf Denktaş and also initiatives for TRNC’s not being recognised by other countries except Turkey.

According to Thatcher-Kiprianu meeting’s secret report, Athens government offered Kiprianu to send Greek soldiers to Cyprus.

Foreign Affairs minister Geoffrey Howe demanded from British ambassadors in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Malaysia, Libya and Bangladesh on 18 November to lobby for TRNC’s not being recognised.

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