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Greek and Turkish political party representatives visited historical and cultural places in Famagusta with the organization of the Slovak ambassador in Cyprus. The organization started from the newly renovated Othello Tower and Famagusta’s Mayor İsmail Arter and the so called ‘Varosha Mayor’ Alexis Galanos accompanied the political party representatives. Slovak ambassador Oksana Tomova made a statement at the entrance of Othello Tower and she called that Greek and Turkish Cypriot political party representatives came together for the sake of visiting symbolic places. Ambassador Tomova also emphasized that at the time when Cypriots of both communities are inspired by the prevailing positive momentum of a new hope for a comprehensive settlement, this program promotes the concept of a peaceful cooperation and partnership of both communities. On the other hand; Famagusta mayor İsmail Arter emphasized that such technical and socialnon-political visits and contacts in the country would help people move forward.

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