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It was stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration was condemned due to the fact that it was known that Greek Cypriot Haralambos Palmas died in 1974, and was buried in South Cyprus but this was concealed from his family.Greek Supreme Court condemned the Greek Cypriot Administration and ordered to pay compensation to Palmas’ wife and two daughters.Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that with the decision of the Greek Supreme Court the Palmas family have won the law case which has been continuing for 14 years.In her statement to Fileleftheros, Palmas’ daughter expressed her satisfaction for the decision of the Greek Supreme Court and stated that according to the decision, the Greek Cypriot administration is responsible.  Palmas’ daughter also added “It is not only our family who has been living with a lie for many years. My family has experienced a difficult judicial process. The Greek Cypriot government’s attitude was very insulting. The compensation amount was decreased but my family’s aim was not money but justice.”

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