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The Greek Cypriot daily Simerini reported that the Greek Cypriots did 2.088 credit card transactions in total and spent 521 thousands 882 Euros for accommodation at the TRNC hotels and most of the money was spent in the casinos between January-February. The newspaper also reported that the Greek Cypriots spent 1 million 649 thousand 636 Euros in the TRNC and Turkey between January- February. Reporting that 756 transaction were done from the airline companies in the TRNC and 110 thousands 590 Euros was spent in January-February, the newspaper noted that 853 credit card transactions were done in Turkey and 178 thousands 794 Euros were spent. Reporting that the Greek Cypriots spent 289 thousands 384 Euros for the TRNC and Turkey travels at the same period, Simerini noted that the majority of purchases were made for entertainment and hotel accommodations. On the other hand, Turkish Cypriots spent 1 million 844 thousands 827 euros with credit cards at the mentioned period. Almost half million euros was spent in supermarkets and 336 thousand 687 euro for clothes shopping. Furthermore, the newspaper stressed that 6 credit card transactions were done and 3 thousands 728 euros were spent by Turkish Cypriots in the charity institutions in South Cyprus which is interesting.

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