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The report of the committee established by the Greek House of Representatives in order to investigate the ‘1967-74 Cyprus tragedy’ which was approved in the General Assembly of the Greek Parliament in 1986 was given wide coverage by the Greek Cypriot newspaper Fileleftheros. The newspaper stated that the report entitled the ‘Cyprus File’ including the information related to ‘15 and 20 July 1974’ was evaluated and the reporters concluded that the threat and danger discourses from the North are false.

In the report it was emphasized that the origin of the Cyprus problem predates 1967-74, therefore, many difficulties and obstacles had been faced while the research was done and that “The Minister of Justice has the right to initiate or suspend the criminal proceedings with the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the political and other crimes that could impair international relations of the state (Criminal Law Article 30, paragraph 2).”

The newspaper added that the missing report named as the “Cyprus File” was also published on the Greek American News Agency website: “greekamericannewsagency.com” on 2 September 2014.

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