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It is noted by the Greek Cypriot daily Politis newspaper that nearly more than half of the workers working in the South Cyprus are informal.  According to the news, Zeta Emilianidu, Greek Cypriot Labor Minister, made a speech in an activity and shared the data concerning the workers who are employed informally in the South Cyprus in 2014.According to this, the newspaper noted that a considerable number of EU citizens work in South Cyprus and nearly half of them are informal, it is also added that the rate of the Greek Cypriots working informally is 34%.Also noting that construction is the sector in which the maximum rate of informal workers are employed with 23%.The newspaper also gave information about the informal workers working in entertainment centers and stated that 28% are Greek Cypriots and 49% are EU citizens. 8% of the employees working in the hotels are informal, 34% are Greek Cypriot and 54% are EU citizens.

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