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UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond explained that the UK is completely flexible on guarantees and ready to give financial support for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

According to the news, Hammond said that at their meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide in New York last week it was confirmed that settlement of the Cyprus issue was possible at the present time. He also stated that the UK has a determination to help in any case in order to reach a settlement.

In his speech during the meeting on the issue of guarantees, Hammond said : “We are of course one of the guarantor powers of Cyprus’s constitution and we are completely flexible about our future role and relationship to Cyprus in that respect. If it helps, we will consider any option that parties come up with.”

He continued by saying “We know that the resolution of outstanding property issues is likely to require considerable financial input and we have undertaken to work with our partners in the EU, and with the United States, to ensure that the international community is able to mobilize to support a settlement with the necessary financial underpinning”.

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