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The European Commission has filed an application to register the names “Halloumi/ Hellim”, in Greek and Turkish, as a product with Protected Designation of Origin that belongs to Cyprus as a whole. International audit and inspection company Bureau Veritas will make official controls on hellim’s production and quality standards. Besides, The European Commission will propose amendments to the Green Line Regulation in order to facilitate trade in Cyprus.

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated that registration of the Hellim in two languages demonstrates the commitment and willingness of the two communities to work together on the island.  Juncker also said “The halloumi/hellim symbolizes the shared heritage of the communities who live in the island of Cyprus for centuries and appreciated both leaders for reaching this conclusion”.

The Greek administration had tried to make unilateral registration of hellim in the name of “halloumi/hellim” during the recent years but could not reach this goal due to the opposition of some EU members.

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