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“Hellim file” was published in the Official Journal of the EU for the second time in the last 10 years and it was reported that this situation conduced to a new effort to be started for registering Hellim as a “Product with Protected Name of Origin.”

Greek Politis newspaper indicated that, the name of “Halloumi” will be termed as “Hellim” in Turkish and two names of Hellim can be used together or separately by Turkish Cypriots. According to news of the Politis, Hellim can be produced in two varieties as “Fresh Hellim” or “Old Hellim”. And the weights of Hellim should be between 150 and 350 grams.

Meanwhile, newspaper indicated that the European Commission approved a proposal for amendment to the Green Line Regulation, but did not give details about what the proposed amendments are.

It was also indicated in the news of Politis that, the European Commission’s “Bureau Veritas” was approved by the competent authorities as an authorized institution to carry out inspections of Hellim under the EU Regulations.

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