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It is reported that a gang from Bangladesh is transferring illegal workers to South Cyprus by preparing fake documents and Bangladesh citizens are working like slaves in South Cyprus.

Fileleftheros newspaper wrote that the gang from Bangladesh who finds jobs in South Cyprus  and provide fake documents to Bangladesh citizens in exchange of 7-8 thousand Euros, is abusing them.

According to the news a suspicious Bangladeshi is arrested at the Larnaca Airport yesterday with a fake passport.

It’s claimed that two Bangladeshis who went to South Cyprus as the victim of the illegal worker gang, are being treated inhumanly by two Cypriots they are working for. It’s been reported that the workers are working from 07.00 till 22.30, are being affronted and earn 300 Euros for 2 months work.

According to the news 3 members of the gang are arrested and 1 person is wanted.

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