Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that there are some sectors from South Cyprus and the TRNC that frighten people. Çolak asked not to intimidate such horror scenarios created in public.

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak answered questions in a program on Kıbrıs TV. She emphasized that the continuing negotiations towards a settlement of the Cyprus problem had vital importance. Çolak noted that there are some experiences on number of issues despite the negative conclusion of the Annan Plan period. Çolak said that she is hopeful that the negotiation process will be succeeded. Çolak stated that the message which was given by social activities between the two leaders is also very important; she said there is a huge difference in the attitude of the Greek Cypriot Administration in positive way, compared to 10 years ago. Minister Çolak, in her assessment about the ownership stated that there is an ongoing negotiation process, and without understanding everything, nothing is understood. Some exaggerated and distorted news were published in the Greek press.” she said.