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The leader of United Cyprus Party İzzet İzcan stated that both communities should prepare for the post-settlement, and added “Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have to be prepared for the standards of living together.”

İzcan, in his written statement, stated that media instititutions, non-governmental organisations and political parties should move together to create a more insightful atmosphere for the development of communities and to make reform.

İzcan expressed that there are lots of works to be done for convergence of communities and living together, adding that cooperation should be made in the fields of economy, education, health, and environment that affect our daily lives.

Furthermore, İzcan added “The education systems of both communities still contain enmity and hate towards each other.  This has to change immediately, and confidence building measures should put into practice as soon as possible. United Cyprus Party will support the steps taken in this direction and will do it’s share”.

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