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Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Trade Unions, DEV-İŞ, BES, PEO, KOOP-SEN and KTOEÖS organized a press conference regarding the 1st of May Labour Day and read the joint declaration at the Home for Cooperation in the buffer zone.

The joint declaration was read both in Turkish and Greek by Dev-İş President Hasan Felek and PEO Secretary General Pambis Kritsis. They called for  the leaders of the island`s two communities “to work with goodwill on all the issues on which convergences have been achieved, so a mutually acceptable solution, based on political equality as defined by UN decisions and resolutions can be reached.

In the joint statement, it was stated that the chaos increasingly experienced in the region and in the world and unsustainable structure of the region is increasing the pressure on the communities living in Cyprus. Indicating that the imperialist capitalist system only cause war, death, tears, migration, unemployment, poverty, racism and discrimination, solidarity was expressed for oppressed people in the world on 1st of May, and wars were condemned.

In the joint declaration, it was stated that the solution of the Cyprus problem is needed for the reunification of the communities again and expressed that non–solution means “no future” and only in the interests of the separatists.

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