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Deputy Prime Ministry and Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Ministry Coordinator Orçun Kamalı reminded that with the Halloumi registry, the portion of the milk of small cattle will become more important and indicated that in this concern, small cattle producers are carrying out studies to increase the milk production.

Kamalı made an evaluation meeting with the authorities of Chamber of Industry yesterday about new government supports for exports to the EU countries, Halloumi supervision and the cooperation between the Deputy Prime Ministry and Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Ministry and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry. In his speech at the meeting, Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry President Ali Çıralı summarized Greek Cypriot side’s actions about Halloumi’s geographical registry and stated that they are against to Greek Ministry of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment’s being Halloumi’s registry office. Stating that there needs to be Turkish Cypriot Non-Governmental Organizations on the supervision council which will be assigned by EU, Çıralı also recorded that an authority of Greek Cypriot Administration will lead to abuses. Pointing out that Halloumi export is one fourth of the total exports of the country, Çıralı recorded that Halloumi is the mainstay of 17% of the population.

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