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Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis said that rotating presidency was not a fair solution, and he added that there were many parametres that should be taken to the consideration before deciding the method of exercising of power of federal state.

Kasulides who made an exclusive interview to the Greek Cypriot Simerini newspaper, said that they would not accept the solution to become ‘Primary Law’ and he added that rotating presidency was not fair as one state would do it.

Kasulidis, all ethnic minorities who are hosting all states, are supporting the efforts of finding a solution on the basis of bi-zonal ,bi-communal federation.

He added that major powers like United States of America and England showed great interest to the solution and this was seen suspicious by the Greek Cypriots,  because the jeopolitic interest were not the same as the  Greek Cypriot’s national targets and demands.

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