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A high level authority from Turkey who participated in Turkey-European Union negotiations stated that 6 EU commissioners will have contacts in Turkey in March on many issues primarily the Cyprus solution process. The authority also said that the Cyprus issue is expected to be the most important agenda topic in Turkey-EU relations.

Expressing that the Cyprus problem is an obstacle in front of the chapters possible to be opened for Turkey’s EU membership, the authority said that the EU Commission and Turkey are making serious preparations, adding that if the Cyprus problem is not solved, there will not be any development on Turkey’s membership process. The authority also said “Cyprus negotiations are going well and there is a positive atmosphere in Cyprus. It is expected to reach a solution in the first quarter of this year. If a solution is reached within this year, there will be visa exemption and Turkey’s membership negotiations will develop. If the Cyprus problem is not solved, visa exemption may be applied, summits may be held but membership negotiations will be in danger. Everything is relevant to the Cyprus issue”. 

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