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None of the candidates of presidential elections held in TRNC yesterday was able to get absolute majority of the eligible votes therefore the election will be repeated in the second round. At the second round of elections that will be held on 26th of April top rated independent candidates Dr. Derviş Eroğlu and Mustfa Akıncı will compete and the knot will be untangled.

The lowest turnout in the history of the Turkısh Republic of Northern Cyprus presidential elections is realized at the election yesterday.

According to information compiled from the website of YSK (High Electoral Council) out of 176 thousand 916 voters, only 110 thousand 298 voters participated in yesterday’s elections and the participation rate has been 62.34%.

 Vote distribution according to the candidates

  1. Mustafa Onurer (Cyprus Socialist Party): 423 %0.39
  2. Sibel Siber (Republican Turkish Party): 24.287 %22.54
  3. Kudret Özersay (Independent): 22.873 %21.23
  4. Derviş Eroğlu (Independent): 30.356 %28.18
  5. Mustafa Ulaş (Independent): 256 %0.24
  6. Mustafa Akıncı (Independent): 29.006 %26.92
  7. Arif Salih Kırdağ (Independent): 531 %.0.49

Turkish Cypriots went to ballot boxes 2 times during the Turkish Cypriot Federated State and 7th times during the TRNC period including the elections yesterday, however the lowest participation rate was realized yesterday.

3rd Election remaining to second round

In TRNC presidential elections history, yesterday’s election is the 3rd election that remained to the second round after the years 1995 and 2000.

At the second round of presidential elections in 1995 Rauf R. Denktaş and Derviş Eroğlu competed and the winner of the second round had been Denktaş.

At the elections of 2000 again Denktaş and Eroğlu remained to the second round but with the withdrawal of Eroğlu from being a candidate at the second round, Denktaş was declared President without the second round.

According to the presidential election results announced by the High Electoral Council, independent candidate president Dervis Eroglu, became first at the elections at Famagusta and İskele and independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı became first at the elections in Nicosia, Kyrenia and morphou.

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