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US Ambassador to South Cyprus John Koenig said that Cyprus is in a turning point. Koenig said “Cypriots must choose their ways. They either choose to improve relations or they will choose the status quo and alienation, a road which is far away from solution.”

Koenig made a speech in the opening of a panel discussion organized in the Center of Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD). According to the information given by US Embassy, in his speech Koenig recorded that research results of the ‘Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index (SCORE)’ show that Cyprus is in a turning point and bold movements are needed in the island.

Stating that when he came into office in autumn of 2012 there was hope in the island, Koenig indicated that no one has predicted that the ups and downs of the process can take the negotiation process to the point where it is today. Recording that various important incidents happened which affected solution expectancy in Cyprus negotiations, Koenig said “Among these there are economic crises, joint statement and the rocky path of negotiations experienced in the last months”.

Furthermore, Koenig said that the efforts spent for signing the Joint Statement on February 2014 have been allowed to be destroyed in 1 year.

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