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The foreign relations secretary of Democrat Party-National Forces (DP-UG) Serhat Kotak, criticized the Joint Statement that was published after a meeting on 25th of February between Turkish and Greek Political parties, without getting all parties’ approval.

On his written statement Kotak said, the work that was done on the written statement which was shared with press was done in an environment where DP-UG representatives were not present. Kotak said: “in the final declaration of the meeting there were things which was shown as agreed by all parties but certainly there were things that were unapproved by DP-UG.  The right thing was to announce that the political parties have presented different opinions but at the end there wasn’t an agreement on a joint statement, instead the statement shared with our press which showed it as a joint agreement of all parties is a big shame”.

Mentioning that one of the opposing parties was DP-UG to the proposal of some parties about mandatory Greek classes in TRNC schools, Kotak said: “I believe that instead of teaching a language forcibly in the TRNC schools, respect, acceptance and tolerance to each people in Cyprus should be aimed. Turkish and Greek Cypriots never had a joint education system in History.

Instead of forcibly trying to join this, the right thing to do for both communities is that without hiding the truth they should grow up their children with tolerance and respect “

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