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AKEL Secretary General Andros Kiprianu’s binding the two decisions of the Greek Cypriot Administration regarding the 3rd round licence tender for the parcels on the South Cyprus’ so-called “Exclusive Economic Zone (MEB)” and the reduction of the military service period with strengthening the election campaign of DİSİ have caused a reaction of the Greek Cypriot administration.

 According to Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, AKEL Secretary General Andros Kiprianu accused the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades of conducting tactical games and sacrificing the essence of the Cyprus problem in order to gain temporary political advantages. Speaking at an event, Kiprianu stated that his party AKEL is worried due to the Greek Cypriot Administration’s behaviour  which has caused problems in the negotiation process, in order to help the election campaign of DİSİ.

 Indicating that all these issues cause a negative scene, Kiprianu made a call for everyone “to be aware of not to play games with the Cyprus issue” and added that all sides should consider it seriously while dealing with the Cyprus problem.

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