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 The Greek Cypriot Politis newspaper reported a poll conducted between July 29 and August 12, that showed a rise in optimism among the Greek Cypriots – 52 per cent, compared with 47 per cent who remained pessimistic.

According to the news, the great majority – 74 per cent — of those asked believe that current talks would lead to an agreement and a referendum.  Sixty-nine per cent want the negotiations to lead to an agreement and a referendum and only 9.0 per cent opposed the prospect.

The majority agreed that “the time has come for an honourable compromise” and that “the real dilemma we will face if there are referenda soon would be federation or partition.”

Most support the current form of solution under discussion – bi-zonal, bi-communal federation – 38 per cent, against 28 per cent who oppose it. A significant section of the sample, 30 per cent, said they did not know.

Sixty-eight per cent reject a two-state solution and 60 per cent reject the current status quo.

A unified state gets the most votes – 43- per cent, followed by the federation, 34 per cent.

Thirty per cent do not want any kind of guarantor powers but 44 per cent said they could accept the European Union. Anything else got little support.

The poll showed that most – 37 per cent — want a system of governance where a ministerial council would make decisions by majority that will include representatives from both communities.

Thirty-three per cent find rotating presidency generally acceptable provided that the Greek Cypriot president would have a longer term. Twenty-one per cent reject this.

The survey was carried out by Noverna Co. through face to face interviews with 1012 people.

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