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Meetings were held in the Greek Cypriot Police Headquarters in the previous days concerning the capture of vast amount of ammonium nitrate in the possession of 26 years old Lebanese in South Cyprus, the newspaper noted.

The newspaper stated that Israeli Government expressed, through the medium of Israeli Prime Minister and Israeli Minister of Defense, that it is sure that there is a Lebanese terrorist organization behind the issue, however it is not clarified whether the Lebanese plans to hit the Lebanese targets in South Cyprus or not and if he/she plans to hit the targets what will be these targets.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Hezbollah supports the 26 years old Lebanese and added that Iran uses Hezbollah for its dirty works.

On the other hand, Israeli Minister of Defense Moşe Yalon made a statement concerning the issue and noted that ammonium nitrate captured in South Cyprus is planned to be used for bomb making.

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