Foreign Minister Emine Çolak is visiting London in order to attend a Reception on 15th November and to hold a series of contacts between the dates of 16-18 November.

In the framework of her visit, Minister Çolak attended the 32nd Anniversary of the Establishment of the TRNC which was organized by the TRNC London Representation Office.

In her speech, Minister Çolak underlined that the ongoing negotiation process is an important opportunity to solve the Cyprus problem and added that a possible solution will be useful for both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

Minister Çolak also held important contacts during her visit in London yesterday. In this context, Çolak held a meeting with the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Crispin Blunt at the Parliament. Minister Çolak gave information to Blunt about the current situation of the negotiations at the meeting which lasted about an hour. Çolak stated that both sides worked hard to solve the problem, and added that the guarantor countries, the EU and the United States also support the process. Indicating that Turkey’s strong support for the process and for a possible solution is clearly continuing, Minister Çolak drew attention to the increasing importance of the continuation of the support of the UK to the process and a possible solution. In response, Blunt stated that the UK’s support for the process will continue and added that the solution of the problem will be for the benefit of all parties.