Foreign Minister Emine Çolak received the delegations of the CHP Foreign Affairs Commission who are holding contacts in the TRNC.

In his speech during the reception, stating that they intend to receive information from the authorities regarding the ongoing negotiations, CHP Foreign Affairs Commission leader Öztürk Yılmaz indicated that they are ready to provide all kinds of support as CHP.

Yılmaz stated that they have been in the TRNC for two days and they held fruitful contacts.

On the other hand, mentioning the importance of the initiative of the official and political groups from Turkey in the sense of being informed, Foreign Minister Çolak emphasized that the TRNC government is open to dialogue on equal distance to everyone from Turkey.

Çolak: “We want to get information about the political dynamics and foreign relations in Turkey as well as sharing the developments in here.” Çolak also added that they attached great importance to exchange information in all areas with Turkey.