Minister Özersay:

“Tonight, 28 of the German citizens who have been in our country as tourists and were tested positive for COVID-19, after being treated and discharged, have now completed their 14-day quarantine period and are flying back to their country. Moreover, our contacts with German officials are ongoing in order to ensure that the remains of two German citizens who lost their lives during the course of their treatment can also be returned to their families via this flight. I hope that there will be no complications in this regard and that we will be able to send them off so that they can be buried in their country. Tourists from other countries who are presently in our country will also be on tonight’s flight to Germany.

Up until today, a total of 32 German citizens were treated in our country for Coronavirus: 2 German citizens have died (we are sending their bodies back tonight); 2 German citizens left our country along with previous tourist groups and tonight, 28 German citizens will be leaving our country, adding up to 32 in total.

No matter their religion, language or origin, each life, each person is valuable. I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives, as well as the German People. I trust that we have done all that a civilized society should do, despite these extraordinary circumstances, on the basis of universal values developed over the years by the international community.

By continuing to work hard in line with this understanding, we will succeed in overcoming this common crisis of all mankind.”