The 2015 fiscal year budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the amount of 41 million 38 thousand and 20 Turkish Lira has unanimously been approved at the Parliamentary General Assembly.

The budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was discussed within the framework of the 2015 Fiscal Year Budgetary Draft Bill meetings of the Parliamentary General Assembly, during which Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami responded to the criticisms of Members of Parliament and highlighted that the statements of the Foreign Ministry as regards the hydrocarbons issue are clear and that the natural resources around the Island are a legitimate right of the Turkish Cypriots.

Speaking on the developements pertaining to lobbying activities, Foreign Minister Nami indicated that improvements were and will continue to be made to the Green Line and Financial Aid Regulations. Foreign Minister Özdil Nami also expressed that initiatives were underway to overcome obstacles to selling processed foods to South Cyprus.

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami also responded to allegations that not enough progress has been achieved regarding the Cypruss issue, stating that the current impasse will eventually be overcome. Foreign Minister Nami also critisized statements implying that there is no internal consensus regarding the resolution of the Cyprus problem, stating “There is a minimum common understanding among us regarding the resolution of the Cyprus issue. This common understanding is outlined in the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014 which was signed by the two leaders and which our political parties also supported. This document symbolizes mutual thinking. Your political parties also approved this document. If there is any other document outside of this one, it would be far from sincerity. It is important that this common approach, which manifested as a result of many efforts, is maintained and built upon.”

Minister Nami informed the Parliament of the activities underway to encourage Turkish Cypriots living abroad to be more active regarding their country and stated that the foreign representation offices are working towards this end.

Foreign Minister Nami expressed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in closer contact and consultation than ever before with the business world and that he has taken into due account the expectations and ideas of our businesspeople regarding how to establish linkages with the outside business world.

Foreign Minister Nami expressed that the Foreign Ministry held contacts with the World Bank and EU Development Bank and relayed its wish for North Cyprus to also be granted access to the funds provided to Cyprus, adding that these initiatives will soon bear fruit.