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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that a strong willpower has been put forth for opening both border gates at Derinya and Aplıç as soon as possible.

It was also stated that an important distance has been covered to open the new border gates in Derinya and Lefke-Aplıç, mine sweeping is continuing in Lefke-Aplıç and the contact with the EU authorities to provide financial resource is continuing.

In a written statement through the Public Information Office, the TRNC Foreign Ministry stressed that some statements published in the press do not reflect the reality, and the public was informed about the continuing works.

In the statement, it was also stressed that within the framework of confidence building measures, an agreement was reached between the two leaders for opening the two new border gates in Derinya and Lefke-Aplıç, and following the technical negotiations between the two sides, works have started without losing any time in both sides and the necessary research was completed in the regions. According to the statement, important financial resource and time are needed to provide safe crossings, and the works with the international institutions are continuing in coordination and in a very quick way.

It was also pointed out that a consensus should be reached for the routes of both border gates following the decision to open the two border gates. Due to the risk of existence of mines in both sites, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided cooperation with the United Nations Peace Force and the concerned authorities.

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