Associate Professor Dr.  TURGAY AVCI
Period :  25 September 2006 ~ 04 May 2009

Associate Professor Dr.  TURGAY AVCI, Doç. Dr. Turgay Avcı

He was born in Larnaca in 1959. He received his bachelor’s degree at Electrical and Electronical Engineering at American University of Beirut in 1985, postgraduate degree at Eastern Mediterranean University Department of Business Management in 1992 and PhD degree at Çukurova University Department of Management and Organization in 1995. Between the years of 1990 and 2003 he held offices at Eastern Mediterranean University as the Vice Head of the Department of Business Management, Director of the Graduate School of Tourism and Hotel Management and Vice-Chancellor. He received education in America and Germany in the fields of management and quality. He was a member of BRT Executive Board. Moreover, he was a member Administrative Body of North Cyprus Atatürk Research and Implementation Centre, member of EMU Strategic Research Centre, and Chairman of EMU Tourism Research Centre. His articles were published in many international journals.

In general elections and early general elections held on December 14, 2003 and on February 20, 2005 respectively he was elected as a National Unity Party (UBP) MP for Famagusta. On September 7, 2006 he resigned from UBP and founded Freedom and Reform Party on 15 September, 2006. During the coalition government of Republican Turkish Party – Freedom and Reform Party founded on 25 September, 2006 he served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. On 19 April, 2009 early general elections he was elected as a Freedom and Reform Party MP for Famagusta. On 30December 2012, Freedom and Reform Party united with National Unity Party and  Turgay Avcı served as National Unity Party MP at the parliament until 28 July 2013.

He speaks English, Italian and Arabic. He is married and has two children.