Periodi: 6 June 1976 ~ 21 April 1978

Vedat Çelik

Vedat Çelik was born in the village of Tera , Pahhos in 1935. He received his secondary school education at the English School in Nicosia and achieved higher education degree from Cardiff University Economy and Political Sciences Department in England.
In 1961 he entered the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Cyprus Republic and was appointed as the first secretary to the Embassy in Ankara and served at this duty until 1967.  Following his return to Cyprus in 1968 he worked at Defense and Foreign Relations Department of the Turkish Administration and later was appointed as the Speaker of the Turkish Communal Chamber and Undersecretary of Vice Presidency of Cyprus Turkish Administration. In 1973 he was appointed as a member of Cyprus Turkish Administration Commerce, Industry and Tourism Executive Board. Following the establishment of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus he served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
At the General Elections held in 20 June 1976, he was elected as National Unity Party MP for Kyrenia. He served as Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs.
He speaks English and Greek. He is married and has three children.