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Ruins of Şevket Kadir and İbrahim Nidai, who had been stopped and arrested at a Greek barricade while they were returning from Girne to Lapta on December 25th 1963 and then they were murdered and lost, has been found at one point near Karaoğlanoğlu.

It was stated that after Kadir and Nidai were murdered by Greek Cypriots they were thrown into a ‘gamini’ (coal pit) with their vehicle and covered with soil.

Doing an excavation after a notice from one of the Greeks who were involved in that calamitous event, Committee of Missing Persons reached the lost car.

Watching the excavation in the area, son of Şevket Kadir, Salahi Uçkan expressed his feelings that “it is like my dad also died today”.

Saying that her father’s biggest wish was to be buried somewhere Turkish flag is flying, daughter of İbrahim Nidai, İmren Türk emphasized that she is blissful that waiting after 52 years this wish will come through.(Kıbrıs Postası Newspaper)

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