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President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades are expected to attend a bi-communal concert which named “our music under the moonlight” at the recently renovated Othello Tower in Famagusta tonight as part of the confidence building measures. According to news on Cyprus Mail published in the South Cyprus,Anastasiades’s attending an event in north has drawn fire from political arena in south.

House President in South Cyprus Yiannakis Omirou was one of those criticized Anastasiades. Omirou said “it would send the wrong impression that the holder of the highest office in the land would attend an event under the conditions of military occupation”. Although he appreciates the contact with the Turkish Cypriots on all levels was required as part of the negotiations process, the presence of “the official Cypriot state in events in the occupied north is another thing”.

The Greens also criticized Anastasiades. “Instead of Akıncı handing over the keys of the town to Anastasiades as per the resolutions of the UN Akıncı invites him as a host at the Othello Tower,” the Greens said.

On the other hand The Citizens’ Alliance asked Anastasiades whether he would remove the ‘Republic’s’ flag from his car during his visit in the north.

They argue that even though they believe that confidence building measures can cultivate a positive climate, the solution of the Cyprus problem will not depend on such actions.  “The president’s visits in the north basically contribute to the upgrading of the breakaway regime,” they said.

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