Foreign Minister Emine Çolak underlined that as the new foreign minister her vision is to be able to contribute to the process conducted by the President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis. Çolak also emphasized that the second part of her vision is that the will for a solution of the Turkish Cypriot side during the ongoing process should be told especially to the European Union and the outside world. Daily Kıbrıs Postası newspaper reported that Minister Çolak made a statement and said: “Whatever knowhow and experienced staff member we have in the Foreign Ministry, I want to give the necessary support and contribution to the President during this process. As you know there are not only two leaders and negotiators at the table. There are some different committees under them. European Union comprises economic, humanistic and property issues. I would like to mediate in this issue as a foreign minister so that some staff members may be helpful about these issues in order to contribute to the process. Second part of my vision is to reach the outside world and to reach every place as much as possible. This positive atmosphere, the new developments which encourage us towards peace and their reflection to the outside world are very important. The main point is besides telling to the outside world how willing and committed we are, we also need to see the same eagerness from the Greek Cypriot side. Because we are talking with them, but they are talking with the others as well. Answering a question whether the Greek Cypriot side still puts obstructions about opening foreign representatives, Çolak stated that present condition is going on and construction of a new trust in this issue is needed.