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Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özdil Nami stated that the military gave a briefing to them on the issue of mines and it’s not possible for the areas showed on given maps to have mines, adding “Even at some points, there are buildings and fields which have been plough for years”.

Nami said metal mines do not have 40 years of life, and plastics may last longer. It is not possible for anti-personnel mines at the surface not to explode till today, however anti-tank type mines which can explode when load on it may be buried in to deeper soils. Nami said he has been working with authorities related to this issue and soon operations will start. “Our military officials are examining these with UN. I hope this positive atmosphere which began continues. After this study browsing activity will begin.”

Özdil Nami who spoke to Er Meydanı programme of Genc Tv said regarding the new negotiation process “We are hopeful for the future. Both leaders are talking about a common vision without pressure from anyone. I hope this positive atmosphere which has started carries on. As Mr. President Akıncı said, what’s most important is to reach a good result.”

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