Foreign Minister Özdil Nami has evaluated his contacts in Brussels and the re-launch of the Cyprus negotiations process on BRT. Nami said that he had a positive meeting with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Füle.

Recording that the EU gave great support to the negotiations, Nami said that timing of the re-launch of the negotiations was perfect.

Stating that the result reached on the joint statement was important, Nami touched upon the importance of support of all political parties in the process.

Nami also gave information on the content of the joint statement.

Stressing that the joint statement included parameters such as a federal solution, political equality, single sovereignty, single international identity, Nami expressed that a possible agreement would be accepted by a simultaneous referendum in both sides.

Noting that there was suspicion on both sides of the island Foreign Minister Nami recorded that in order to be successful we must first believe.

Nami stated that the process should be backed and the Greek leader’s statements as: ‘The issues which were agreed on before me are not my concern’ should not be dwelled on.

Upon being asked about the USA’s role, Nami said that a great progress has been made on the joint statement until Nuland came to the island and Nuland encouraged the Greek Cypriot leader.

Nami recorded that he supported the President Eroğlu’s statement as: ‘If my interlocutor comes with a strong political will, then the issue can be put to a referendum within 3 to 4 months’.

Emphasizing that natural gas and petrol issue was one of the issues encouraging the solution process; Nami stated that the Greek Cypriots could put the opening of Maraş on the table as a confidence building measure.

Nami said: “They can put it on the agenda during a specific phase of the process under the chapter of confidence building measures. The important thing is a comprehensive solution. All the issues under the main chapters should be solved.”

Explaining the importance of the support of Turkey and Greece, Nami also touched upon the relations with the EU.

Nami explained the economical contributions of a possible agreement with examples.

Nami noted that the political attitude put forward by the political will was important during the negotiation process and he said that the Turkish side actively took place in this process with a team sprit.

Nami added that the issue of guarantor-ship was one of the 6 main chapters, but it has not been discussed at the level of leaders yet.