Foreign Minister Özdil Nami, who paid a visit to Iran to participate to the 21st Council of Ministers Meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), attended to the reception given in his honor by the Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Ümit Yardım.

Evaluating TRNC’s observer status to the Anatolian Agency, Nami said it was pleasing for the TRNC to be included in the Council of Ministers Meeting of  ECO with an observer status.

Stating that TRNC’s accession process was agreed during  the last meeting held in Azerbaijan, as a result of  the  efforts of the  Turkish Foreign Ministry and in particular the Turkish Foreign Minister  Ahmet Davutoğlu’s  personal attempts, Nami thanked to Turkey.

Emphasizing that the TRNC has been unjustly isolated and has difficulties in communicating with the international community Nami said “This observer status is a big opportunity for us and we are determined to use this right more effectively in the upcoming periods”.

Regarding the  political gains by  taking place  in the  ECO Nami said:

“Under the name of Cyprus  Turkish State, we took  steps  forward  at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Achieving an observer status in ECO is an important step in this direction. Certainly, we attach importance to the economic aspects of  this event, however, from political point of view  we are faced with a problem  that had started in  March 1964  and  will complete its 50th year in March 2014. Currently, a negotiation process  is continuing in Cyprus under the auspices of the United Nations Good Offices Mission.  We once more   reiterate   to all friendly and brother  states  that there is no meaning and reason to keep the Turkish Cypriot people under embargoes when the negotiation process is continuing”.

Pointing out that the Greek Cypriot side had been allowed to join the EU despite the non-solution of the Cyprus issue; Nami asked why the brother countries could not accept the TRNC as full members to  their institutions. “We have to increase our economic, social and cultural relations. Our hope is to reach a federal solution in  the island soon and to put an end to the 50 years old Cyprus issue” Nami added.

Stressing that the next target was to become a full member of  ECO Nami said “I hope this will be realized in the next meetings”.

Pointing that  there  exist  TRNC Representative Offices  in 21 counties, Nami said “However, we do not have a representative office in Tehran, yet. I hope opening a new door in this respect would contribute to increasing our relations”.