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Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis held a press conference last night at the Greek Cypriot Presidential Palace for both Turkish Cypriot and Turkish press members to express his views on Cyprus problem.

Anastasiadis said that the reason he withdrew from the negotiations was the Barbaros entering into the Greek Cypriot maritime waters.

Upon Havadis reporter Esra Aygın’s reminding that everything made today including Navtex was made in 2011 but Hristofyas didn’t left the table, Anastasiadis said that the Navtex in question is limited around the waters of Northern Cyprus.

Havadis newspaper stated that Navtex document belongs to 2011 did not only include maritime waters in the North part of Cyprus as Anastasiadis expressed but also included the areas identified by Republic of Cyprus and block 12 where Nobel energy was doing research .

During his press conference, Anastasiadis also said that during his Moscow visit to be held on 25th of February, he will sign a series of cooperation agreements, military cooperation agreements existed for years and they will only be renewed and provide ease in extraordinary situations for Russian air and sea forces.

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