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Greek Cypriot dailies reported that Anastasiades’ government that is trying to balance public finance by deducting wages of the public sector , by privatizing and even by closing down Cyprus Airways is not taking any action against the Church and and continue paying 6.5 million Euros for clergy’s salaries from the state budget.

According to the papers , Anastasiades’ government who first took the decision of pay cut of %15 from the wages of clergy later delayed the decision.

It is reported that the procedure between Anastasiades’ government,and the Greek Orthodox Church, and Archbishop Hrisostomos the II doesnot allow for such a deduction to happen.

Reportedly, according to an agreement made when Makarios III was ‘president’ Greek Cypriot administration make s contribution to the wages of 700 clergymen.. However, the church didn’t make the transferre of thousands of donums of church land to the government according to the agreement.

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