Foreign Minister Emine Çolak evaluated claims about the Turkey-origin Turkish Cypriot citizens that they will be sent back after an agreement to be reached in Cyprus. Minister Çolak said no one will be sent back. Çolak: “There is no such a situation that we will send back the people who came here and set a life and became citizens according to our domestic law.”

In her statement to Diyalog Newspaper Foreign Minister Çolak made an assessment about the ongoing negotiations between the leaders and said: “You should carry on this process by informing the public opinion and giving trust to the people.”

Minister Çolak responded reactions against the presence of the EU representative at the negotiating table as follows: “EU is not a side on the table. Greek Cypriots are a side. If there is a truth, it is that the South Cyprus is part of the EU. Their presence on the table is misleading. The EU’s representative is there to give technical support. EU is not in a position to make any decision. EU is present there for the purpose of consultation in case of question marks concerning the EU law and the mechanisms. It is wrong to say that EU is a side there. There are no disadvantages of having a representative, on the contrary it has benefits”.