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It was noted that none of the attacks of the Greek Cypriots towards Turkish Cypriots have been punished from 2004 up to now. The Greek Cypriot daily Alithia newspaper in an article under the headline “Attacks on the Turkish Cypriots go unpunished” wrote that although there are many news items in respect of the Turkish Cypriots related to the attacks and financial damages in the 2004-2012 Greek Cypriot Police Press Bulletin, none of them have been punished except for one case which led to great response.  Stating that the Turkish Cypriots were subjected to attacks, their cars were damaged while crossing to the South and they were assaulted in some cafeterias many times, the newspaper recalled the event when a Turkish Cypriot musician was stabbed by sympathizers of ELAM and CEA (Greek Resistance Movement) at the “Rainbow” Festival in 2010 which is held every year in South Cyprus. The newspaper also reminded that 2nd President Mehmet Ali Talat was attacked during an event which was held in Limassol and the US Ambassador John Koenig was also witness to the event and everyone condemned this incident. The newspaper noted that the Greek Cypriot Police Manager Mihalakis Papayeorgiu was dismissed after that occasion. The newspaper wrote that the latest incident occurred last Monday, 16th November, within the framework of the protest for the establishment of the TRNC when Greek Cypriot students attacked Turkish Cypriots. The newspaper wrote that there has only been one incident since the border gates opened where Turkish Cypriots were involved, which was the first service held in “Ay. Mamas Church” in Morphou, when some vehicles were set on fire and the damage was compensated by the TRNC.Meanwhile, The Greek Cypriot Education Minister Kostas Kadis condemned the attacks by the Greek Cypriot  students on the Turkish Cypriots once again and said that there is no place for such acts in the Greek Cypriot education system.

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