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Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun said that he is not hopeless on the issue of Direct Trade. Evaluating the issue to Kıbrıs Postası, Olgun made important statements.  Stating that the history of Direct Trade Council goes back to the decision of the European Council taken on 26 April 2004 following the simultaneous referendum held on 24 April 2004, Olgun said: “In that decision, it was expressed that isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots should be ended, Turkish Cypriots do not deserve this and removal of restrictions on the Turkish Cypriot economy could strengthen the Turkish Cypriot economy and make contribution for a solution in Cyprus.” Olgun also added that as a result of this, Direct Trade Regulation, Green Line Regulation and Financial Aid Regulation were prepared as a result of the decision taken by the Council. Furthermore, Olgun stated that in his report issued on 28 May 2004, the UN Secretary General indicated that isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots are meaningless, isolations should be lifted and called on the members of the UN Security Council and the other members to develop cooperation and bilateral relations with the Turkish Cypriots. Olgun also added that the Direct Trade Regulation is not related to any proposal or precondition but it is related to end the injustice towards the Turkish Cypriots and trying to make a connection of this (the Direct Trade Regulation ) with another issue is the second shame towards the Turkish Cypriots.

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