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CNN used the British most famous war correspondent Don McCullen’s photo which was shot by him in Cyprus in 1964, on the news about the photographer.

The photo which was taken in Gaziveren during the inter-communal conflict in Cyprus in 1964 is considered as one of the most famous war photographs of the world.

The photo which was taken by world-famous British war correspondent and photographer Don McCullen shows the Turkish woman Nevcihan Oluşum whose husband was murdered by Greek Cypriot powers in 1964 and her son and the crying others, also used in the CNN International news channel on the internet yesterday.

In the published news about McCullin, CNN mentioned that the photo was taken during the conflicts in Cyprus.

CNN also mentioned that McCullen took war photos in Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Lebanon and Israel as well as Cyprus.

McCullen came to Cyprus on behalf of the Times Newspaper during the conflicts and took the photos of Turkish martyrs in the villages of Gaziveren and Ayios Sozomenos (Arpalık).

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