In his statement to Yenidüzen newspaper regarding his visits to the Gulf countries, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami expressed that his contacts were positive, underlining that relations with these countries can be improved, particularly in the economic field.

Nami stated that during his visits to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, important meetings were held related to topics such as the development of economic, social and cultural relations, the marketing of products produced in Northern Cyprus, ensuring the flow of tourism to Northern Cyprus and investing in Northern Cyprus.

Stating that “what was discussed will not remain up in the air”, Nami emphasized that he has conveyed all the information to the Council of Ministers and that the government will take the necessary steps along with businesspeople and manufacturers.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami made statements regarding the hydrocarbon exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cyprus issue during a program on NTV television channel. Minister Nami conveyed that the Greek Cypriot administration is of the view that it can act as it pleases regarding hydrocarbon exploration, but emphasized that the Turkish Cypriot side cannot accept this. Minister Nami stated “Even if the anticipated amount of resources is found, their exploitation and beneficial utilization by Cypriots is perhaps a 10-year long process. We are facing a mentality which is blocking the peace efforts and today’s settlement works due to a matter which may or may not yield results 10 years from now”.

Nami added “Large international organisations no longer have justification for keeping the Turkish Cypriots under isolation. There are resolutions which make calls on all countries to develop bilateral and multilateral relations with the Turkish Cypriots. We want these resolutions to be implemented. We have waited for 10 years and concrete steps have still not been taken. The only country which has been taking steps against the isolation is the Republic of Turkey. But it is high time new states are added to this list. We have particularly high expectations from the member states of the Organisation of Islamic Conference in this regard”.

In his statements, Minister Nami also referred to his visits abroad, stating that he met with the Secretary-General of the OIC in Jeddah, that he then visited Oman and later held contacts in Qatar. Nami indicated that during his contacts, he requested that the isolation imposed on the Turkish Cypriots be lifted.