Foreign Minister Özdil Nami visited the Martyr’s Families and Disabled Veterans Association. During his visit, Minister Nami stated “We are aware of our own pain but the Greek Cypriot community experienced pain as well. People died. Our duty is to create a peaceful and tranquil Cyprus where these painful events won’t be repeated”.

Minister Nami added “The Turkish Cypriot people arrived at today following an epic struggle. Every family has lost a relative, martyrs and veterans. There are bleeding wounds in us all. God forbid our future generations from experiencing such painful days”.

Underlining that the struggle must continue unabated and tirelessly, Minister Nami stated “We will ensure a peace which will never put our people’s security at risk. We will achieve this through cooperation. The Turkish Cypriot people have shown that following over half a century of hardship, they are a community which is able to say yes to a settlement plan which is supported by the entire world”.

Stating that a painful past is not an impediment to holding out the hand to a peaceful future, Minister Nami added “Our neighbors should know that the security, rights and interests of both communities are very important and it is the responsibility of politicians to protect them. We will carry out our future duties with this in mind”.


President of the Association Ertan Ersan explained the activities of the Association and conveyed information regarding those who have visited them to date.

Following the visit, Ersan presented Minister Nami with a plaque.