Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay attended a symposium entitled “Law and Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean” at Ankara University with his counterpart Çavuşoğlu within the framework of his working visit to Ankara.

In his speech at the symposium, expressing that the issue of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean has been referred to in the Cyprus report of Guterres, Özersay said that the following process will show the sincerity of the international community and whether they desire cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean or not.

Adding that they wish for the ending of refugee problems and humanitarian crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean, Özersay stressed that natural wealth should be used in cooperation.

Furthermore, stressing that economic cooperation and mutual dependence can decrease the risk of conflict in the region, Özersay said “Definitely, there is need for dialogue and vision. I believe that, in the following period, we will succeed in this together and especially with the Republic of Turkey”.