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Finance Minister Birikim Özgür said that the new economic program for the 2016-2018 period which will be signed with Turkey in the coming days will contribute to reduce the budget deficit and also includes reforms which are needed to create a structure to stand on our own feet. Minister Özgür added that the program came up with the needs of the country and with its demands. Özgür also reported that the 24.36 percent of the income envisaged in the 2016 budget consists of the Turkish Republic assistance and credits.

Pointing out the role and importance of the economic stability and confidence for high and sustainable growth, Özgür said that the 2016 budget was prepared in the direction of the policies and objectives of the government programme with effective, economic and efficient use of the public resources, accountability and financial transparency approach.

Özgür also stated the government will give direction to its actions by at least a 5 percent qualified growth target each year over the next three years.

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