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At the National Unity Party (UBP) 20. Ordinary Congress, Özgürgün and Tatar will compete in the second round for the Presidency of the National Unity Party.

President of UBP will be elected in the second round which will be held next week. Özgürgün took 2,722 votes and Ersin Tatar took 1,437 votes in the first round of the election at which 6,135 members voted.

From the other candidates; Nazım Çavuşoğlu took 382 votes, Zorlu Töre took 324 votes, Ünal Üstel took 708 votes, Ersan Saner took 497 votes, Oğuz Ceyda took 42 votes and 23 votes were declared invalid.

An absolute majority of votes is required in order to be elected President in the first round. The candidate who will take the most of the votes in the second round will be elected as the President.

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