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The parliamentary delegation which is composed of CTP Member of Parliament Armağan Candan, UBP Member of Parliament Ersan Saner and DP Member of Parliament Fikri Ataoğlu visited Strasbourg where they held bilateral contacts with the Parliamentarians of the European Parliament at the General Assembly of European Parliament. The contacts were centered around the Cyprus issue and the Turkish Cypriot’s expectations from the EU for a contribution on a settlement. The delegation stated that this is an opportunity which should not be missed and it should be well utilized. Moreover; the delegation also stated that Turkish Cypriots are continuing their commitment for a federal solution and it is possible to reach a solution in a reasonable time if the necessary political will is present. On the other hand; it is emphasized that it is expected from the European Union to support the process while the negotiation process is resuming and to create positive atmosphere between the two communities. Furthermore; the delegation also gave an information about the confidence-building measures which was clarified by the leaders. The parliamentary delegation made bilateral contacts with many  parliamentarians from the Socialist and Democrat Group, Christian Democrat Group, Liberal Group, Greens and Conservative Reformers.

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