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“İmparatorluk Kuranlar Yahut Şümürz”, a 2014 Turkish production of the 20th-century French play “Les bâtisseurs d’empire” (The Empire Builders) is headed to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) for a performance as part of this year’s Cyprus Theatre Festival, organized by the Nicosia Turkish Municipality. The play, which is the debut production by the Istanbul-based theatre company Hayal Perdesi, recently had a victorious run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was staged 14 times as the only performance in the Turkish language in the line-up. French writer Boris Vian’s 1959 absurdist text is directed by Alaksandar Popovski in the Hayal Perdesi production, set for a Sept. 17 performance at the Cyprus festival, which is marking its 13th edition from Sept.1 through to Sept. 29. (Istanbul Today’s Zaman)

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