Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Çolak stressed that changes to be brought by the European Union in the fields of economy, trade, industry and production should be discussed and that preparatory work is needed while proceeding towards a settlement.

Çolak received a delegation from Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry in her office yesterday.

Speaking at the reception, the President of Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry Ali Çıralı said that they always want to be in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and added that they want to exchange views on what can be done in order to develop the economy and increase the exports.

Furthermore concerning the hellim issue Çıralı said that the registration of hellim has satisfied them and that there are many works to be done to comply with some criteria on the production of hellim in the TRNC and added that they want to discuss this matter later.

On the other hand, Minister Çolak said that the TRNC has representative offices in many countries of the world and they are aware of the importance of the commercial needs of the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriots.

Expressing that upon the decision of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a special group which also comprises the other ministries, Çolak mentioned that this group aims at harmonizing the relations with the European Union.