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President Mustafa Akıncı indicated that both communities in the island especially the Turkish Cypriots are tired of solution efforts and the current opportunity may be the last one. Akıncı added “There is nothing undiscussed. Political will and determination is needed for the solution of the Cyprus problem”.

In his briefing for the foreign guest parliamentarians who have been in the TRNC due to the ceremonies for 20 July Peace and Freedom Day, President Akıncı stressed that although the Turkish Cypriots voted ‘yes’ for the Annan plan, they could not be a member of the European Union due to ‘no’ votes of the Greek Cypriots and the future of the Turkish Cypriots are determined with the decision of others.

Furthermore, Akıncı expressed that there is a long way to be taken in the negotiations to reach a solution but it is possible to reach a solution within months if the current speed of negotiations continue. Adding that it should be known that as well as political determination, empathy and consensus are also needed to reach a solution, Akıncı said “If we do not find a solution now, we cannot find any other opportunity because both communities especially our community are tired of the solution efforts. We have experienced many disappointments during the past years.”

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